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by on May.04, 2009, under Hacks & Modifications, Made For sale

I start with quoting from a vBulletin fellow customer:

We do have Social Network functionality now, which as a result creates activity from the members in our vB network. Unfortunately, this activity often is not noticed by the very same members in that vB powered network.

Isn’t that THE goal of a social network? Connecting people together.

When this is your goal, then you should provide the functionality to make it happen. To enforce and stimulate this social activity. vBulletin in it’s current state provides the fundaments for social networking, but it clearly misses important tools upon those fundaments to reach our goal of creating a mature/professional social networking environment for our end users, if that’s your goal.

A welcome-block / dropdown in the upperrichtcorner with just some notifications (like it exists now) isn’t good enough to reach what we want. With all the activities generated by the Social Networking stuff in vB 3.7 (and let’s count the Blog product to that as well) , be it only your friends (and their profiles, their albums, their birthdays and so on), be it the social groups you are a members of, be it forums your are interested in, be it new Blogs that have seen the light… the list goes on and on… we really need a PAGE full of information that informs us of the activities on the Social Network platform we are a part of.

Too much activity is left in the dark now…

This script shows Social Feeds for the following friend activities:

– Friends:
Displays who became friends with whom.

– Joined Groups:
Who of your friends joined a group and what group they joined.

– Visitor Messages:
Displays who and a preview of a visitor message made to you or if a friend sent a visitor message to another member or friend.

– Picture Comments (on owned pictures and others):
Displays who commented on which picture, and a preview of the comment (a maximum of 250 characters). Also it shows feeds when a friend comments on another member that is not on your friend list, and you can still see the comment preview.

– Profile Pictures:
Displays who changed profile pics, on this it doesn’t show a thumbnail because vBulletin doesn’t set a thumbnail of the profile picture like it does with avatars.

– Changed User Title:
Displays who changed their user title and what is their new user title.

– Uploaded New Pictures:
Displays who of your friends uploaded new pictures and shows a maximum of 4 thumbnails, even if they uploaded more than 4. It displays album title and album description.

– Forum Posts or Threads:
Who of your friends posted a post or a thread, showing a preview.

Edit on Sep, 27th 2009:

Edit on Mar, 3rd 2010:
The script is capable of feeding the social updates by RSS2 now!

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15 comments for this entry:
  1. Arun

    You have coded this script and if so is it for sale and at what price?

  2. Milad

    Yes, I’ve coded this script and it’s available for sale.

  3. jp

    possible to see a demo of this script?

  4. Milad


    You have to register at those websites, make some friends and see their feeds.


  5. Tobi

    How much does this script cost for vb3.8?

  6. Franklin Willis

    I’m interested in the price of the script as well.

  7. Chris

    Is the price a secret? 🙂

  8. Milad

    No it’s not a secret! I sell it for US$150

  9. Smiggy

    How do we purchase it and can you install it for us or do we have to pay a seperate installation fees?

  10. Milad

    I can install it for free, it’s an easy task anyway.

  11. Milad

    For the purchase, you can pay me through Western Union, once I receive the payment, I sent the hack to your email, contact me for more details.

  12. Smiggy

    What about Paypal?

  13. Milad

    PayPal doesn’t support my country, so I don’t have a PayPal account.

  14. Yotsume

    You should provide a video for this hack and screenshots please. Is it like the wall on Facebook?

  15. Milad

    I’ve added some screen shots.

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